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Aug 22, Receding

IR images
Receding Glacier
Paradise Glacier, Mt. Rainier National Park.

Not very long ago, at the end of the Paradise Glacier trail, as you can imagine, there was the glacier. And misterious ice caves. Now they are all gone. Only patches of snow fields. I could not carry my tripod that far on the volcanic ash soaked with icy water to reach it.

I treat the receding glacier more seriously than my receding hairline. Some may argue that is it not our fault, and there is no dire consequences. But if there is only marginal link, there is no chance to regret.

Nevertheless, I had a very good time take the images of the majestic mountains in IR (as well as my sunrise at Reflection Lake and Sunrise parking lot.

IR images Emmons Glacier at Sunrise
the biggest glacier in lower 48 states

IR images
Reflection of Mt Rainier
on a small pond near Paradise Glacier

IR images
Waterfall off Nisqually Glacier
can hear the rushing water, and cracking of glacier, like thunders

(All images were taken with a converted camera with a standard IR filter. A patch of snow under the sun was used as whitebalance. The images were converted to BW with photoshop.)

Please visit my Digital Infrared and Digital I R FAQ pages about how to take digital infrared images as easy as color ones! Questions of any kind welcome!

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